Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 31

The spirit moves with action yet action moves from the spirit. Our task is to start.


One day, the messengers of the world will rise up and shoot first.


With luck, we may be inoculated by experience. The only immunity against stupidity is to have contracted it at least once.


Reform demands feeling but sentimentality is reactionary. Dickens’s first readers could congratulate themselves on their tender feelings for Smike even as they stepped over the child prostitute in their doorway.


A better word for triumph is reprieve.

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  1. Do you, in seeking for “the truth behind things,” just get bored with the same old hackneyed answers to the problems of life? Do you, as a fully-fledged “seeker after truth,” like to question the accepted wisdom of those whom are considered your intellectual betters? Do you, as a person “rejecting the lie of life,” tend to take the concept of personal enlightenment coaching with a pinch of salt? Do you, as a person who “loves the truth behind the lie,” truly wish to avoid the daily rants of over opinionated pundits whom aren’t fully-fledged street philosophers found in possession of copious amounts of street cred? Do you, as a “listener for falsehoods,” enjoy reading witty, worldly-wise aphorisms to pass the time before you drop down dead from over-indulgence in the fine art of easy living? If so, and as in the next few seconds you do have a completely free choice in the matter (if you do decide to decide quickly amidst pressing distractions); then, whatever you do decide to do next, inevitably you may either don’t or you do go to: —maybe simply because you can rather than you just can’t—so, don’t you go and do it just on any old account without thinking about it first…